When Leggings Go Right, It Looks Something Like This <3

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1: 2017 Spring Freddy Leggings

If you thought leggings had been outdated to a no-go zone you should think again. Thanks to Celine , Balenciaga and Gucci on Fashion Walk it's now the ultimate style. Switch out the tailored trousers to a pair of leggings with a asymmetric floral dress.


2: Low Waist High Elastic Leggings



3:Skinny Leggings Freddy Edition



 4: Sporty Sexy Leggings 2017



5: Sexy Hip Push Up Leggings

Side note. Many female travelers choose to travel in leggings.

They are both a fashion staple that's still going strong. They can also be worn as evening bottoms, while exercising , retreats , hike etc. One of the best part when on the road is that you can have them under jeans,shorts,dresses , skirts etc. 

Leggings come in a variety of colors , fabrics , prints and styles, so your sure to find the perfect pair just for you. And finally the best part, it is 10/10 on the comfort scale when your on board a long haul flight.


All the best.

Love Zoey <3



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