K:s Top 3 Alt Handbags To Accessorize Your Dress

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1: Handbag 3-set

This bag has now been revamped into a “must have” and everyone should be having it, no doubts about that. The 3-set is very cute and works very well for work or a night out. These are done in genuine PU-Leather, very heavy work on them. Our suggestion to all you lovely ladies is ask your designer to match this bag with a beautiful evening outfit. You will totally stand out.


2: Kawaii Handbag

So, which handbag do we use when were're going for a night out ? Well, the answer is easy. You can carry this minibag. This is sleek and cute, that comes in a variety of colors. The bag is perfect for cocktail parties. Both dress and bag will complement each other and in turn you get all the compliments!! Ideal colors that you should have in your wardrobe are a black and blue. You could add a grey  too, to your lovely collection.



 3: Leaves Decorated Mini Flap Bag

This bag is absolutely adorable. The box bag have a silver leave in the center, and also works as to open the handbag. You can also very daintily hang it on your wrist. These bags are more the bags of the evening and can be teamed with both traditional and the designer dresses. They are much suited for occasions like a formal dinner or reception.  Pick them up in neutral colors.


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