Kendall And Kylie Jenner's New Trendy Collection DropOne for 2017 !

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner really don't need an introduction. The past few days pictures from the new collection DropOne has gone Viral on social media.  It all starts from their Instagram accounts but it doesn't stop there. 



Kendall and Kylie took their instagram accounts, to show off some of the new clothes from the new collection. Kylie posted below photos on her instagram account, you guessed it ! over a million likes in just hours. Insane.



Kendall also shared some photos. She has said many times that she loves to wear bra free and show off her chest. In the picture below she is posing in a black sheer top.



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In the upcoming collection, one of Kendall's favorites is the Frenchy Terry lace-up group. Also this is the first time sneakers features in the collection. Off course maybe we could have guessed it due to that both Kylie and Kendall are sneakers girls.


Who doesn’t love a sexy woman in sneakers, right?

Reports are telling us that Kendall and Kylies DropOne collection, will be released in just a couple of hours.



Between Kendall’s modeling career and Kylie cosmetics line, the daughters of Kris Jenner have built an empire that continues to expand. Not a week goes by without the two gives us new surprises. We can for sure say that they conquer the world of fashion . The sisters have already proved their talent with their clothing collection.

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