How to Wear a Choker Like Kim Kardashian <3

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We all know the glamorous Kim Kardashian and her sisters.What we know for sure is that whatever Kim wears, everyone else wants to grab it as fast as possible. Last couple of months we have noticed that she has accessorizing her looks with statement chokers all from really ultra glam to chic to Gothic. Below we will have a closer look at the chokers and how to get them.



A more casual edge she gave herself with this Chic Coil choker. The best thing with this model is that there are actually 4 more colors to choose from.  My favorite is actually the Black Gold collar choker. Which one do you like the most ?

See link for all 5 colors <3

Lace up Choker

This Black Wide Choker is really trendy and will fit to many outfits in the wardrobe. It also comes in many different colors. This link i'll show you an even sexier lace up <3  


Diamond Choker

Well the last one I don't really need to put it in words. A diamond choker worth a lot of money. Who wouldn't want one of those. Still I have something that a lot women likes, and that is the Luxury Collier Statement Choker

If you don't like any of the above chokers I have others in store for you <3

For now all the best and I hope you all have a wonderful week

PS: All of the above are on SALE and Free Shipping.

Much Love Zoey




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