Explosion Proof Real Tempered Glass Cover For New iPhone 7 + Other Models

Posted by Zoey Summers on

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It has a long time use, does not easily fatigue, better protect vision
Attaches really easy,but also allows for easy removal and reinstallation.
If it does break,the tempered glass breaks into small pieces that are not sharp,making it safer than the iPhone glass itself.
Glass material after high temperature steel processing,surface hardness up to 8-9, impact resistance is strong,not easy to scratch

It features sensitive touch, shatter proof glass. You'll never get any air bubbles, NON Anti-Fingerprint grease or dirt. Finally it has a transparency of 98 %.

Next Blog feature the Luxury Mirror Case for iPhone 7 + Other Models. See link below for a sneak peak. This Model is also on sale https://www.cedenheim.com/collections/iphone-cover/products/rose-gold-luxury-mirror-case-for-iphone-7-6-6s-plus-5s

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