5 Easy Braids To Make Your Hair Look New Again

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Summer is getting closer and what can possibly top Your Hot Sunglasses and Matte Lipstick

These days the right hairdo comes with pretty and sometimes confusing names. You need to get your head around the braid lingo to get a better grip of these fashion hairstyles. Long gone are the days when a stiff and pretentious hairdo was the right way to go at any party, now we are seeing boho chic gourgeous messy braid styles that simply makes us all fall in love. Let me give you the top 5 braidstyles that is a MUST for this Summer, trust me you don't want to miss this. All you need to succeed with these beautiful styles is our Complete Hair Braid Set

Here we go!


This beautiful braid is for anyone with an awesome taste - It is perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or in town. Twist and twirls combined perfectly with a fishbone braid.


This is simply gourgeous! Look at that perfecty loose braid ponytail, messy and chic. Love at first sight!


When have you ever gone wring wiith roses? Why not take it one step further and be in style with this braided rose bun.


Classy and messy in a combo that is right for every occasion, long dress with heels, bodycon with cute sandals - The choices are endless!

If you want to have the perfect look add eyelashes extensions <3

 Have fun with you top pick new hair updos, don't forget to send me some updates on what your pick is today! :D

 Much love, Zoey <3




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